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HH Teacher: Akiko Tanaka by LostWingz HH Teacher: Akiko Tanaka by LostWingz

Here is the teacher app for :iconhoshizora-high:

Subject(s)/ Position: Astronomy
Name: Tanaka, Akiko
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 13th February
Star Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: A
Height: 171cm (including 4cm of shoe)

Likes & Dislikes:

   +  Power Stones

    +  Photography

    +  Star Gazing

    +  Camping

    +  Tarot Reading/Horoscopes

    +  Hot Pot

    -  Spicy Food

    -  Hot weather

    -  Paperwork

    -  Chocolates*


Akiko is a curious yet superstitious person, always reading her or other people horoscope. Due to her curious nature, Akiko can be very straightforward and overearnest to a fault.

Despite her appearance, Akiko prefer outdoors activities and is very patient person.

Once she is in ‘photography or tarot reading mode’, she will tune out on her surroundings and only focus what it is at front of her


Akiko grew up in Hokkaido and throughout her childhood, she always went camping with her father, who is a freelance photographer. At every camp, the first thing that Akiko do is to look up at the night sky, counting the stars that stretches as far as the eye could see, though she often miscount it and her father would always tease her.

During her time in middle school, she starts doing photography as a hobby while studying on constellation and space. Due to her father’s inspiration on the starry sky, her interests in astronomy deepens, fascinated on the scientific theory like the Milky Way or the big bang. Every weekend, she would always challenge her father on a game of “Who can name which constellation or star the most?”

Her interest in tarot reading starts in her high school year, where one of her classmates introduces her to horoscope reading from a well-known magazine and thanks to her classmates, Akiko becomes completely engrossed in horoscope and tarot reading- she would always at least read her daily horoscope before she starts the day.  

After her high school graduation, she continues to study at university doing a degree of social science and astronomy while working part time tutoring elementary students. During her time tutoring the students, Akiko begins to enjoy teaching the children, putting in some facts about the wonders of space and remembering their eyes sparkles in interest.

After finishing university, Akiko starts to look for a job and stumbles upon an application for people who wish to apply to Hoshizora High School. Akiko immediately applies to Hoshizora H.S, hoping that she can share and enjoy interacting with students, filling the fun facts on astronomy and working with other staffs.  

Additional Info:

    ·         *The reason why she dislikes chocolate is because her birthday is the day before Valentine’s Day and she would often receive chocolates on that special day from friends and colleagues one too many times

    ·         Owns a Siberian husky name Kuu.

    ·         Always bring her ‘lucky charm’, according to the daily horoscope

    ·         Has a SLR camera (present from her father)

Feel free to RP me through note or skype ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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April 24, 2014
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